Published November 30, 2015

Road To Damascus

Look closely, the road is a mirror!

<p> In Dec '13, we traveled more than 2500 kms - starting from Hyderabad, joining the west coast of India at Kasargod, Kerala, traveling all the way upto Mapusa, Goa and then returning back to Hyderabad - all over a period of 12 days. We were four people - Ipshita, my wife, Vijay, a good friend of ours, Sparsh, our dear daughter and, of course, yours truly, Aishwarya. I am penning a travelogue to capture our experiences and will release a chapter of this travelogue every week. Please do share your thoughts and feedback with me. If you intend to visit any of the places that I mention and would like to know, do contact me on Facebook or Twitter. Happy reading!</p>